Per Week








6 or more






$500 each







  • Prices reflect a 5% discount for 2nd and 3rd classes, and 10% discount for 4th or more classes, and apply for individuals and siblings.
  • Classes that are 1.5 hours per week are $1,020 annually / $102 monthly

Dance Class Tuition and Fees — Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

  • A registration fee of $25 per dancer or $35 per family plus September and June tuition are due at registration. (Families registering before September will have September tuition automatically debited on September 1st.)
  • Families paying tuition in monthly installments are required to provide credit or debit card information to be kept on file and fill out the Automatic Payment Authorization Form.

Studio Policies

  • GSBD Dance places each dancer in the appropriate class level, and will inform families if a change is necessary.
  • Dress code is strictly enforced in dance classes, and street shoes are not permitted in the dance room.
  • Parents are required to supervise their children ages 10 and younger in the waiting room at all times.
  • Make-up classes are available for students by appointment . No refunds or credits are issued for missed classes.
  • The director of GSB Dance has the right to refuse and/or terminate enrollment of any student at any time.

Dance Concert

  • The annual Dance Concert and corresponding dress rehearsal are held in the spring at St. John the Baptist High School in West Islip. To participate in both, dancers must attend 80% of the year’s classes.
  • Tickets cost $25 each, are required for children ages three and older, and are nonrefundable.
  • Costumes cost $75 each plus tax, are nonrefundable, include tights, and may require slight alterations.
  • For families paying tuition in installments, costumes fees are automatically withdrawn in three installments in January, February, and March. For families paying tuition in full, costume fees are due February 1.



Fees and Restrictions for Late Payments

  • Tuition received after the first of each month automatically incurs a $15 late fee.
  • Tuition must be paid in full for a student to participate in the Dance Concert and dress rehearsal.
  • Dance Concert costume fees received after the February 1 deadline incur an additional $20 shipping fee, but availability and timely delivery are not guaranteed.
  • A $30 fee is automatically charged for a returned check.