Dance Instruction Philosophy

Great South Bay Dance is dedicated to teaching a diverse, curriculum-based dance program to students of all ages in a non-competitive atmosphere. With emphasis on disciplined technique as well as fun, we encourage students to challenge themselves while dancing from their hearts.

Updated March 18, 2019

Class Curriculum

Ballet classes for the beginner through intermediate and advanced levels develop strength, balance, coordination and poise, as dancers learn the basic fundamentals of classical ballet technique and terminology. Emphasis is placed on developing correct body alignment through progressive barre and studio work. All students are encouraged to study ballet, as it is the foundation for all other dance forms and is important to the development of a well-rounded dancer.


In this exciting class, dancers explore the basic movement theories of Martha Graham, José Limón, and Lester Horton. Emphasis is placed on developing core strength and control through floor and studio exercises. Structured improvisation plays an important role in developing the dancers’ own artistic expression, as they explore space, shape, time, and motion. Students are challenged to incorporate the use of breath and dynamics in their dancing. Live percussive accompaniment gives the dancers heightened sense of musicality, as they learn to connect to the music and express their joy through movement.

Hip Hop
This pulsating, dynamic class trains dancers in various hip-hop techniques and combinations. Aerobic warm-ups get the dancers moving, while building stamina and strength. Familiar popular music adds to the excitement of learning “street” dancing. Always age appropriate and always fun!


Make music with your feet! Dancers explore this American dance form focusing on clarity of sound, rhythm, and syncopation. Both classical Broadway tap and contemporary rhythm tap are studied through structured, progressive studio and across-the-floor combinations.



In this fun, high-energy class, dancers explore the stylistic movement and rhythms of classical jazz. The class encompasses a wide range of movements, including concert, theater, and modern jazz. Careful attention is paid to developing correct bodyline and increasing flexibility, musicality, and stamina.


Dance Corps
The Great South Bay Dance Corps performs at local events. Dancers participate in weekly Dance Corps rehearsals, and are required to take weekly ballet, jazz, and modern classes.
Share your passion to dance with audiences across Long Island!


Performance Ensemble
Divided into three age-based ensembles, the Great South Bay Dance Performance Ensemble performs at local events. Members learn choreography for upcoming performances at weekly Performance Ensemble rehearsals, and are required to take weekly dance classes including ballet, jazz, and more. Share your passion to dance with audiences across Long Island in a positive atmosphere!
    — Petit Ensemble – Ages 6-8
    — Junior Ensemble – Ages 9-12
    — Dance Ensemble – Ages 13-18


Kindergarten Ballet & Tap
A lifetime love of dance is instilled in our young dancers as they learn the basic vocabulary of ballet and tap in a creative, fun atmosphere. Through structure and repetition, young dancers develop a sense of accomplishment and pride as they begin to master the exercises and skills they learn from week to week. Props and creative games facilitate the development in an exciting, engaging way.


Ages 3-4 Ballet
Tiny dancers are introduced to basic movement principles and dance vocabulary in this fun, nurturing class. Props and creative games create an exciting atmosphere to explore music, coordination, and motor skills. Children in this supportive environment develop basic ballet skills as well as memory skills, patience, and cooperation.


Tiny Tutu Club / Dance with Me:
An exciting introductory class for dancers ages 18 months through 2-years old plus a caregiver, the Tiny Tutu Club includes creative movement exercises, free play, tumbling on mats, and a story. The use of props, nursery rhymes, and imagination make for a warm, exciting class.


Dancers at Work Summer Workshop:
The Dancers at Work six-week summer workshop is for Level II dancers ages 11 and older. In this exciting class, students learn basic improvisation and dance composition techniques. Selected students use these techniques to choreograph dances for their peers. In addition to learning the tools of choreography, all students explore concepts in lighting, staging a dance, costuming, and music selection. Dancers At Work class and rehearsals are held twice per week. Participants in Dancers At Work are also required to take Ballet II and one other Level II class throughout the summer as part of their curriculum. The Dancers At Work summer workshop culminates with a Student Choreography Showcase for which tickets may be purchased.


ChoreoKids Dance Summer Workshop:
The six-week summertime ChoreoKids Dance Workshop exposes dancers ages 6-10 to the techniques of ballet, jazz, and hip hop.  Students are also introduced to improvisation through games and exercises that cultivate a sense of creativity and fun. The ChoreoKids Dance Workshop ends with a Student Choreography Showcase at Great South Bay Dance. This is an informal showcase of short dances created by the students.


Dance Camps
Dance campers spend each 2-hour session enjoying ballet, tumbling on mats, creative movement exercises, free play, and a story.  Dancer campers should bring their own snacks to camp, and get ready for summer filled with dancing fun!


Summer Dance Concert Rehearsal
Dancers performing in the Summer Dance Concert must attend this weekly rehearsal to learn choreography for the performance.


Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre introduces students to the songs of Broadway Musicals. Classes consist of warm-up, learning the repertoire of Broadway show tunes, acting, dancing, and staging techniques.


Special Ballet
Dedicated for dancers with special needs, Special Ballet encourages the development of strength, balance, coordination, and poise in dancers. The basic fundamentals of dance are explored through ballet, creative movement exercises, and games.


Dance Workshops & Private Lessons

Join Great South Bay Dance for its dance workshops. These limited-time classes are open to all dancers and feature unique genres, guest teachers, and exciting themes. Register for as many workshops as you want — no year-long commitment required. Also, private lessons are available to dancers wishing to improve, expand, and perfect their technique. Half-hour and one-hour lessons available